Thursday, 29 March 2012

A baby free day is NEVER a mummy's day off.....or is it?

So today BF has taken the little one to his mothers. We have a bathroom suite being delivered there today (for a house that we don't actually have) and he has gone along to supervise. This was originally my job as he was supposed to be in work today, but when his friend that gives him a lift to work (whilst he is car-less until Friday) texted him to say he wasn't going into work and there would be no other way for him to get there, I saw my chance and grabbed it with two hands.

"Errrrr, you might aswell just go to your mums with Isla on your own today then hey? I can stay here and do some cleaning and put all the clean clothes away." He didn't look best pleased but reluctantly agreed. So off they went at 8am with car packing a pram, a highchair, a door bouncer and several other sources of entertainment.

I went into the kitchen and pretended to busy myself for five minutes whilst I was still in full view of the car backing out and as soon as they were out of the road, I was upstairs and in bed.

Why did you do that? You may ask. Well, because I'm a naughty mummy. We went along to my friends house just around the corner last night after child was in bed. BF wanted his hair trimming and my friend happily obliged. As we were in the kitchen chatting away, snippets of curly hair flying everywhere there came a knock at the door. I answered and stood behind it was our friend who now lives in Marbella who had come home for a little visit; complete with a new set of boobs.

OBVIOUSLY I had to to have a glass of wine; BF declined the offer of a Magners and started looking shifty once he had his new hair style. He said he'd go back home whilst I stayed for a while as he didn't want to be caught up in the thick of the girl chat.

That little glass of wine? Turned into two bottles and coming home and sneaking into bed at 12.30am. On a school night??!! Your terrible Muriel!! Well I had to!! Hadn't seen the girl for months and she had a new set of toys that were the main topic of conversation for the night (anything but baby talk for a bit suited me down to the ground).

When Beyonce started singing at 5.45am this morning I sprung out of bed and pretended I was fine. Well, I was really.

"Feel rough do ya?"
"NO!!". Lie.
"I only had two glasses of wine". Lie.

He reads this blog, so now he will know I was lying. I would have told him anyway at the end of the day. *Evil Laugh*

So BF, want to know something else do ya? I have spent the morning doing absolutely sweet FA. Oh actually, I went to KFC earlier and chomped my way through half a kilo of hangover stodge. It's been a glorious morning, a tell thee.

I never ever get time like this though, ever. If BF is watching the baba, I am almost always doing something else for her or for us. If I am watching the baba and BF is off work, then he is doing something he wants to as all of the housework is already done. So why the hell not? I'm obviously going to have to get everything done. Well, nobody else is going to do it are they?

No harm in another little 30 minute snooze before I start though, I'm going to have to! I need energy!


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  1. Further note- after reading post back to myself it appears I have implied that I left my daughter home alone in bed. We are staying with my mum at the moment jut FYI. I am not that much of a bad mother.