Monday, 26 March 2012

A day out at Disney on Ice....

....I will never doubt BF again. Well, that's a lie because I obviously will.

On Sunday we took a trip in to the city centre to watch Disney on Ice: Princesses and Heroes. Me, he and the little one.

BF bought the tickets (front row tickets, to be precise) when I was 9 months pregnant as a surprise for me. When he revealed the surprise to me, a few thoughts crossed my mind. The first one was that the child would be only 6 months old by time the show came around, she wouldn't have a clue what was going on and would probably sleep through the entire thing anyway. The second was that we would probably be sat on the front row with this little baby fast asleep in her pram whilst the eyes of the other more experienced parents burnt tiny little holes into the back of heads, sniggered at us and took pity on the young couple at the front with their new baby who obviously didn't have a clue about Disney on Ice, parenting and just life in general.

Well; I was wrong about the first bit, but probably right about the second; I did catch the glimpse of a few judgemental pairs of eyes but enough about that for now; judgemental parenting is a whole new subject and can be saved for it's very own blog post.

Anyway, back to the first thought. Bloody hell was I wrong! I was rather on edge entering the arena. I suppose I was just stressing that she would kick off as soon as we got sat down and every last person would be watching the inexperienced mum at the front trying desperately to quiet her daughter down without success. I needn't have worried though.

We were late getting in there and so were guided to our seats by an usher with a tiny little torch. The seats were amazing! We were literally sat right on top of the ice rink. Could not have gotten any closer if we tried!! For the first few minutes, the little one had mixed emotions. She would stare in awe of the characters and then quickly scrunch up her face and let out a little whinge before turning her frown into a smile. She didn't know whether to laugh or cry! Very cute (and funny) to watch.

                                                     Mickey giving us a wave!!

The first half lasted 45 minutes and I am pleased to report that my little angel sat (sitting is something she never normally does as she normally spends any time on my knee trying to pull herself up into a standing position) on my knee in silence for the entire 45 minutes. She was as good as gold and she loved every minute of it! Especially Mickey and Minnie.

                                                              The Grand Finale

When the interval came I gave her a bottle, she spewed all over my new Zara coral maxi skirt (major fail) settled back down on my knee again for the beginning of the second half and then fell asleep after around ten minutes.

I was so surprised that she took it all in as well as she did but think had we had different seats she probably would have got fed up and I would have to try to entertain her by other means.

After the show we had a little walk in the sunshine then sat down in a nearby park and had an ice cream. Before the show we also had a lovely meal at an Italian down the way. I even managed to feed Isla her lunch before my own was brought out (btw this NEVER happens; food is usually brought out whilst I am feeding her) and I was able to enjoy it in peace. When we got home we had a lovely takeaway to round it all off.

All in all; the perfect family day out. Hope BF pulls something similar out of the hat again soon!!

Dollydaydream xoxo

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