Thursday, 29 March 2012

Ten things I tell myself everyday....

Farfromhomemama very nicely tagged me in this meme! So here are my 'Ten things I tell myself everyday...'

1. At some point before my maternity leave comes to an end, I will win the lottery. Then instead of going back to work, I can just swan around in my mansion all day doing general millionaire activities. I probably won't have much time for much else.

2. I can definitely take that chicken out of the freezer later, I don't have to do it right now. And I will definitely remember to do it later and in good time for it to defrost before dinner time. I definitely won't have to take another trip to the supermarket again like I have done everyday this week to buy fresh meat for dinner whilst having a freezer full of food.

3. It's ok that I have paid up front for eight weeks of bootcamp, three sessions a week; I don't particularly have to go tonight. I will be fine just to get into bed after my daughter is asleep and just fester all night long eating, drinking and looking at gorgeous clothes on the internet that would look awful on my shape.

4. I have been to bootcamp tonight. I am definitely ok to have a large Costco chocolate muffin with a cup of tea (they probably only have around 3 calories anyway) and even if I want to have 7 kitkats for my breakfast, again, that will be fine too. The effects of bootcamp will still work.

5. Sitting my daughter in her walker all day in front of Mickey Mouse clubhouse is probably the reason why she is so developed. She will probably be able to count to five by time she is 7 months old. It's even better when I don't get her dressed all day, as dressing her only interrupts her viewing time.

6. Dry shampoo is good for my hair. It makes it look cleaner and shinier than washing it with actual water and regular shampoo. It probably makes it grow faster too.

7. The hairs on my legs are blonde. You can't see them. Therefore there is no need to shave them. What's the point?

8. It's sunny, I want to wear that vest top and those shorts but I am so hideously white I can't bring myself to  expose my body to the general public. I couldn't be bothered last night, but I definitely will have a massive spurt of energy tonight apply false tan. I will then also probably wash, blow dry and curl my hair, pluck my eyebrows, shave my legs and paint my nails. Then I will be able to spend the day tomorrow just acting gorgeous.

9. The washing has been out on the line now for a total of three days and two nights. At some point in the next hour or so, it will bring itself in whilst the iron gets itself out and when I come back from the shops, all of the clothes will be neatly hanging in the wardrobe. Colour coded.

10. I am going to wake up tomorrow and my size 8 pre-pregnancy jeans will fit. I will have had this miraculous never before heard of weight loss and everyone will be dying to know my secret. But the thing is, I won't even know it myself it will just happen.

I can't work out how to tag people at the moment!! Damn. So I'll get back to you on that one once I know how as I'd like to see a few more ladies posts!



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