Friday, 6 April 2012

Dolly daydreams of....a gorgeous little love nest filled with all things sparkly..x

In around 4 weeks times (hopefully!) BF and I should be the proud owners of our first little house together.

A home however; it is not. The place is at the moment, in a word; disgusting. As soon as we get the keys we are going to have to literally rip out the kitchen (if that's what the current owner wants to call it then so be it), the bathroom (which is not fit for even a rat to wash in) knock walls through, pull hideous polystyrene tiles from the ceilings and the list just goes on and on and on.

However. As much as I wish we were buying something that was at least liveable; I am very excited because it means we get to do everything from scratch exactly to our taste!!

So lovelies....I have decided to blog about my quest for the perfect sofa and the most stylish bed linen.

Stay tuned

Dollydaydream xoxo


  1. Oh how exciting your first house together! What a brilliant time! I look forward to seeing lots and lots of pictures! x

  2. I read this a turned a light shade of green (in a nice way) What a fantastic adventure you two are going to have (with it's up's and down's no doubt). Inside I have a secret property developer dream, I would love love love to build a home from scratch, painting, knocking down, buying and one day I will, the other half used to be a tiler....rambling now. I love the picture of the house...did you take it? Very creative...I cannot wait to read your upcoming posts about this, defo staying tuned :) xxx P.s. if you still need any blog help give me a shout xx

  3. Thanks my lovelies!! It's going to be an emotional journey I can tell ya!!!! Scared for my roller coaster ride life the next few months. It'd be a fab opportunity If we were without bubs and be able to live on a mattress, deck chairs and pizza but unfortunately we aren't!! Be worth it in the bed though xxxx

    1. Ha ha HA!!! Clearly I meant worth it in the END!!! Not in the bed.... There certainly won't be anything going on there after all the hard work going on!!! ;-) xxxx

  4. Hope the packing is going well! How exciting!