Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Mums 101...a MEME

God I'm loving the meme's lately aren't I?!

I was tagged in this meme by the fabulous fellow newbie blogger CJ over at A Mummys View . CJ is lovely lady that has taken time out to give me a few tips about blogging and I am very grateful!

To get involved all you have to do is write your own Mums 101 post, list your top three gripes/bugbears relating to motherhood, tag some other blogger and link up over on Emily's page at Never Bored of Bubbles

I have read a few of the other posts done so far and have to say my biggest bug bears have probably been done, for example, the competitive mum and childcare issuesthe phrase 'slept like a baby' and the social shift . So here are mine, two of them don't really relate to motherhood but they are my biggest bugbears!!

1. When OH's think they are giving you some 'you' time by entertaining the baby whilst you do chores....Right. So, I look after the baby all day every day, as is my duty. I'm on maternity leave. I getup with her through the night if need be. I see to her most weekends. I also look after her when you work of a weekend, go for a game of golf or go to the pub to watch the football.  When you entertain her whilst I am trying to get washing/cleaning/cooking done this is NOT you giving me some time off. This is you doing one job whilst I am doing another. I do not enjoy chores. I do not look forward to you looking after the baby so I can get right into my housework. If I moan about you going to golf for the umpteenth time this month, do NOT respond "what's the problem? I watched the baby this morning whilst you done your kitchen and windows." It is not MY kitchen. Its is ours and it is a chore not a pleasure.

2. Fast food cup holders....they are absolutely POINTLESS. Even more pointless when they give you one  drink in the holder. Why? I hate them. I burn up inside when I approach the last window at the McDonalds drive thru anticipating the cup holder being handed over to me. I always give it back. Like the  sales assistant is even one tiny bit arsed.

3. When cashiers give you your receipt folded up with notes....annoying! Your at the checkout of a busy shop. You have an arm full and a pram full of shopping and have no spare hands.  instead of handing you your receipt separately or putting it into one of your bags; the cashier puts it into your hand in between a five pound and a ten pound note and a hand full of coins. You can't just cack-handedly throw the money in your purse, you then have to walk over to the side of the store (as the cashier is already rushing you away from their till by beginning another sale) put all of your shopping down to free up your hands, separate your receipt from money and put it in a separate part of your bag. I realise I am a freak and I am totally on my own with this one.

Enjoy having a good rant; I certainly did!! 



  1. Oh my goodness, number three annoys me so much, I'm so glad I'm not alone!! I've always wondered why they do that, it's so fiddly. If a cashier asks if I would just like the receipt in the bag, I could practically hug them (but I don't have any free hands of course)!

    As for other halves... well I could start a whole new room 101 for them!

    Thanks so much for joining in, loved reading your choices! Emily xx

  2. Ahh thanks Emily really enjoyed reading yours too!! Have a go at my Meme on routines if you fancy it? If you do let me know and I'll tag you :-)

    Great meme idea; really enjoyed letting off some steam!!


  3. Oh I love this Meme ! Number one absolutley makes my blood boil . Its your child not a gift to me aaaagh.Great choices x

  4. Hehe annoying aren't they! Also when they say 'if you want' in response to 'can you bath the baby... Can you feed the baby....can you do anythin other than sit on your arse'. I feel like going into the knife draw!! Grrrr xoxo