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How and when do you find the time to.....MEME

Hello you little bunch of lovelies.

I have decided to created my own meme as I am desperately trying to juggle my life at the moment and reading all of the fabulous blogs out there it appears to me that a lot of you are just naturals at living life day to day; flawlessly. You have babies to look after, blogs to nuture, husbands to entertain, houses to maintain, jobs to go to and all that I am thinking in my tiny little baby brain zapped mind is....HOW DO YOU DO IT?!?!?

So now...I am asking you to actually tell me how you juggle your life and find the right balance. I am currently staying with my mum and getting help and still not coping so I am DREADING moving into my own home and going back to work and things getting even worse!

Please post the rules.
When answering the questions, please give as much detail as possible!
Leave a comment on Sex, Drugs, Rocker and...Stroller, baby. so we can keep track of the meme and I can totally steal your routine tips to make my world a happier place. 

Also if you want (and I'd really like you to!) add a little paragraph at the bottom to give a general summing up about your weekly routine!
Tag 3 or more people and link to them on your blog.

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AND even if none of you fancy filling it in don't worry; I've enjoyed writing mine anyhoo :-)
Here are the questions...

How and when do you find the time to... your laundry?

I have tried to get into the routine of grabbing clothes of a morning just after my LO's first feed (usually around 6.30-7am) and put it on. Somedays I do. Most days I don't. I tend to leave it to build up and then spend an entire groundhog day frantically working my way through 7 loads of washing. Even then I am known to leave washing in the machine, forget about it, it stinks, I have to wash it again. I also have a bad habit of hanging out washing and leaving it there. I desperately need to buck up my ideas. I know!

....write a blog post?

Well as a brand new blogger, I haven't written many. I have just been spending time tweeting and reading other blogs and I definitely need to put aside some assigned time to do all of this as at the moment I am doing it throughout the day when my baby is sleeping and when she is pre occupied whizzing around in her wheelie walker chasing the dog. I also do it in bed of a night when the BF is watching the footy. I feel though that I should be utilising this time to keep up with my chores so that they don't get on top of me or maybe doing other boring tasks I have to do like sorting out old clothes for the charity shop, sorting through bills and filing them etc!

....look after yourself...i.e. wash your hair, paint your nails, take a bubble bath etc?

I rarely do these days! I try to grab a shower of a morning whilst LO is occupied or sleeping. It's literally a 3 minute get wet, wash armpits with soap, clean body, get out. Get dressed. I no longer have time for outfit planning and trying different things. I throw on a (mostly un-ironed) tshirt and pair of leggings, team that with a blazer a big scarf and a pair of flat brogues and that's about as far as it goes for me. I cover my entire head with dry shampoo (have been known to go without washing for up to two weeks) tie it up in a knot and go. If i'm feeling super grim or going somewhere nice (hardly ever!) I'll throw on a bit of makeup in the car when I arrive at my destination. Sometimes; I don't get a chance to shower, it's a baby wipe and a bit of Sure. If I do wash and blow my hair, it's once a week of an evening. It bores me greatly.

....spend time with your other half?

Well at the moment, BF and I are staying at my mums house with the bubs. Three of us crammed into one room with all of our stuff. Mums house isn't big by any stretch of the imagination! We mainly sit in our bedroom of an evening, baby asleep in the cot, TV on low whispering to one another. Usually; the footy or the Xbox is on and I am surfing the net. We make sure we have at least one family day of a weekend where we go out for the day; wherever that may be. To his mums and out for lunch, shopping or maybe a nice walk. My mum is really, really good with us. As LO is in bed by 7pm latest, whenever we want we pop out for dinner or shopping and whenever we fancy a night out we always have a babysitter. We hardly do this though due lack of funds to due buying a new home! fun stuff with your LO?

As aforementioned, we have at least one family day each weekend. I also try to get out of the house most days as if i didn't, I'd probably commit. I try to have at least one day each week in the house. My grandma comes over and watches the baby whilst I put clean washing away, change my bed, hoover and tidy around. The rest of the days I try to do a few bits in the morning; put a wash on, wash and sterilise bottles etc and then get both of us ready and head out somewhere for the day. Usually visiting relatives, going to the park, spending time with our other mummy and baby friends, playgroup, shopping, anywhere.

....spend time with family?

As mentioned above, i try to get out with my LO a lot each weekday. Sometimes we visit family members that don't work 9-5pm jobs like my grandma, BF's mum both of our aunties. I see my mum every night and weekend as I live with her and we see the BF's parents and siblings either on saturday or sunday when we visit. Each saturday morning my family members tend to visit us at home before we head off anywhere.

....socialise with friends?

I hardly do these days. Sadly. Supose this is just what happens when you grow up, have a family and take on a sh*tload of responsibility! I try to just grab the opportunity whenever I can. Get them to pop over during lunchtime, I'll pop over there if BF is playing golf or at work at weekends etc. 

....prepare an evening meal juggling a baby/toddler bedtime routine?

Luckily as I've said, I live with my mum at the moment. I try to get home from a day out at around 4pm so I can have a quick whizz round the house clearing toys, throwing strewn baby wipes in the bin etc. Then hopefully my little doll will settle in her bouncer and I can prepare some dinner for her dad getting home at 5pm. I'll then feed LO her dinner before her bath at 6pm and bottle straight after. BF usually baths her whilst I do the dishes or viceversa. If he is home late, he and I will eat dinner whilst my mum feeds the baby. We all just muck in! DREADING being on my own!

....deep clean your house?

I don't. It seems our house is constantly a mess! It is so tiny and with four of us crammed in plus the dog it is such a nightmare. My lovely mum spends a lot of her weekend mopping hoovering dusting etc whilst we are out. When I move house I imagine the BF will have to take the LO to see his mum or something on a saturday morning so that I can get it all done! the food shopping?

Sometimes whilst bubba is sleeping and my mum is home, the BF and I nip to our local Asda in the evening after dinner. Ideally I should do it online. But I don't. I am lazy.

....bulk ironing?

Again- I don't! BF comes from a world where he puts his clothes in the 'magic basket' the night before and the next day after work they are hanging clean and ironed in his wardrobe. Not in this house though, mate. His mum was lucky enough to be a housewife with no young children and so fortunately had the time for that type of stuff. I don't and quite frankly; it bores me to tears. I just quickly whip the iron out and iron as I wear. Rather spend five minutes each day ironing than devoting an entire sunday evening to it.

So, that's me in a nutshell!

I now tag....

Enjoy ladies :-) 



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  29. Samantha Barnes said...
    Hello everyone...I was tagged by Recipe Junkie (which is a fab blog btw) I hope you enjoy it, got a bit heated on the ironing issue...oops x I have tagged 2 others as I don't know that many other bloggers...sniff sniff (must get some blog mates!)

    Here are the rules:
    1. Please post the rules
    2. When answering the questions, give as much information as possible. It’s all about the finer details people!!
    3. Leave a comment on Sex, drugs, rocker…and stroller,baby. ( This is so we can keep track of the Meme and take a polite nose into everyone else’s lives.
    4. Tag 3 or more people and link to them on your blog.

    Second... the main event: How and when do you find the time to….

    Do the laundry. With a sigh.
    Write a blog post: I keep it as a treat and settle down every few days.
    Look after yourself: probably not as well as I should do. I recently started to see a personal trainer in the hope that it would kick-start some me time, so far it’s worked, though I can barely feel my arse now!

    Spend time with your other half? Whilst working! DH has his own business making short films for websites ( and I have my own business making and selling my paintings and prints, It would probably do to find something other than work for enjoyment but we do love it! Extreme sports mebbe? Er not…

    Do fun stuff with your LO: (Little one’s?) My children seem to enjoy doing the little things (LONG may that one last!) They don’t expect big days out but are delighted when they happen. They also love love love to watch a family movie together…we have to get a bigger sofa, so far only a two-seater that restricts tv time for us grown ups (I think that’s a good thing!) A squash and a squeeze, but cosy.

    Spend time with your family. Due to the fact that DH and I both are self-employed we are lucky enough to be around a lot, which of course is great for us all. We work on laptops, at the dining table or in DH’s office (which is tiny and full to the brim of books and his bonkers collection of far too much vinyl, etc etc…try not to go in there). This leads us to spending much time together as a family, we are very precious about eating together particually.

    Socialise with friends: As much as we can, DH and I are sociable beasts that need outside company. Lots of dinners out at pals houses, and stolen nights away to see our old faithful’s in London when we can.

    Prepare an evening meal juggling a baby/toddler bedtime routine? It get sooooo much easier as they get older. We tend to all eat en famille now at 5’ish. DH hates the timing as its so early but we all love to eat together, I enjoy preparing and eating early now as I find it hard eating late. The kitchens closed at 7pm with the washing up done…bliss.

    Deep clean your house. A recently employed much appreciated cleaning company swoops the house bi-weekly, it had to happen.

    Do the food shopping: Mix of online, top up shops and an attempt at once a week. We also have a fab Co-op here in the village which does a tremendous double act as my own personal fridge from day to day.
    Do bulk ironing: What’s ironing? Grrr seriously, what an utter waste of time. I hate ironing, I hate what it stands for, I hate that we are expected to do it… The Amurricans have bigger dryers which I believe sorts the problem so no need for the utter waste of time that is ironing. Outsource the problem, I have but I won’t tell you where to.

    I’d like to know how Glam Hatter Girl and A-think-a-belle find the time.

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